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Be Careful of the “So called duct cleaners”

People on Guam should be careful when choosing a firm for duct cleaning services. Along with the heightened awareness of indoor air quality and duct system cleaning, there has come a n increased number of ‘blow-and-go’ firms who use scare tactics and bait customers with cheap prices for “whole house duct cleaning”. Some A/C maintenance firms, janitorial services and general contractors may now offer duct system cleaning. Most of these type firms send one person with no more than a shop vac or other type of vacuum with claims of HEPA filtration. Before you agree to allow these people into your home or business, we strongly suggest that you call them back and ask the following questions:

 What is your procedure and what kind of equipment will you use to clean my duct system?

How long do you estimate that it will take to properly clean my duct system?

 Are you a member of the National Air Duct Cleaners Association (NADCA)? If so, for how many years and what are your certifications? (Beware of duct cleaners certified by equipment manufacturers or other organizations. Most of these offer a ‘certification’ that comes with an equipment purchase and minimal training with no requirements for continuing education)

Will your price change once you arrive at my home?

 *Please remember….Your air ducts and A/C unit should be considered the ‘lungs of your home’. Improper cleaning procedures performed by inexperienced/non-certified individuals can result in an unhealthy indoor environment and/or costly repairs.



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